VOL. 6, NO. 4, PGS. 8–26


The Consolidation of the Ibero-American Alliance
Youth are Key
Tomás Calvo Buezas

Tomás Calvo Buezas is Emeritus Professor of Latin American Anthropology at the Complutense University of Madrid and former President of the International Federation of Latin American and Caribbean Studies (FIEALC).

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History often repeats itself, even if the characters, places, years and external forms change. “Simón Bolívar’s dream” of creating a “Great Colombia” that would consolidate the unity and alliance of the South American continent to defend its interests against the Spanish Empire and the looming North American Empire is still relevant today.

The IX Summit of the Americas (6-10 June 2022), whose title was “Building a sustainable, resilient and equitable future” has shown all the weaknesses and limitations, but also the valuable possibilities, of cooperation between Latin American countries and the United States. The US non-invitation of the governments of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua has been strongly criticised, especially by the President of Mexico, who did not attend the summit. But the benefits of cooperation with the United States have also been proven, such as, among many others, the \$3.9 billion in private investment aid to Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador as a way to curb mass migration from Central America. The press on the final day of the Los Angeles Summit, 11 June, highlighted the achievements of this troubled meeting in terms of agreements on development and on mass migration, a serious Latin American problem. Measures were proposed to boost legal migration and curb irregular migration, increase temporary migration permits, promote development through private US investment, and assist refugees with 298 million euros from the United States. Spain, for its part, pledged to double the number of employment opportunities for Hondurans. These are all partial and insufficient measures, but something has been achieved through negotiation and North-South dialogue.

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