VOL. 6, NO. 4, PGS. 1–7


Development of the Ibero-American Economic Area
Main Obstacle Today: Ideological
Martín G. Romero Morett

Martín G. Romero Morett is a Professor and Head of the Department of Economics at the University of Guadalajara. He is also author of Elementos de análisis para la integración de un espacio iberoamericano: economía, política and derecho.

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Some speak of Ibero-America, others of Hispano-America, others of Latin America and still others of Pan-America. Each term has its own meaning and connotation. Ibero-America refers to the regions that were colonies of the countries of the Iberian Peninsula —at Ibero-American summits, for example, both the countries that were colonies and their colonisers, i.e. Portugal and Spain, are mentioned. Hispanoamerica refers to the Spanish-speaking countries of the Americas; Latin America refers to the American countries whose main language is of Latin origin. The latter term includes French-speaking nations but excludes English-speaking nations. In contrast, the term pan-Americanism has been used to refer to all the peoples of the American hemisphere regardless of language or national ancestry. We cannot ignore the fact that underneath these innocent terms have been hidden, at different times, desires for influence, hegemony and even domination over the region on the part of certain powers, such as the United States and France, and former powers, such as Spain.

Latin America is important today for the same reasons it has been important since the age of mercantilism in the 16th century. Ibero-America is an important source of raw materials, a space for investment and a market for financial services and manufactured goods. The region was exploited first by Spain, Portugal and France and then by England and the United States.

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