VOL. 6, NO. 2, PGS. 1–17


Professionalization of the Civil Service
Main Challenges
Gregorio Montero

Gregorio Montero is Vice Minister of State Reform and Modernization of the Ministry of Public Administration of the Dominican Republic.

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It is urgent to understand that in the context of the State and Public Administration of the 21st century, new theoretical and conceptual approaches and new work methodologies have emerged, which will necessarily lead us to the materialization of public plans and policies designed to face the challenges of integral human development, which conditions people’s trust in governments and public institutions. In the 21st century, a Public Administration whose actions are not aimed at satisfying the general interest and ensuring people’s happiness is inconceivable; therein lies the possibility of legitimizing public authority in the eyes of citizens.

The creation of capacities in the Public Administration to meet the growing challenges faced by governments today requires generating public institutionality that is proof against all the ups and downs of politics, especially in these times of democratic alternation in power; due to this, the design of public policies and institutions must respond to the clauses of the modern State, from the social, democratic, legal and justice perspectives, taking due account of the repositioning and the role that citizens are called to play in this challenging, and also promising, 21st century.

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