VOL. 3, NO. 5, PGS. 31–52


The Agrifood Situation in Venezuela
Towards a New Strategy
Alejandro Gutiérrez S.

Alejandro Gutiérrez S. is a Professor at the University of Los Andes, Venezuela, and a national corresponding member of the National Academy of Economic Sciences of Venezuela.

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During the last two decades, the country, its economy and the Venezuelan food system have undergone important transformations, within the framework of the government’s political project known as Chavismo. During these years, the country’s dependence on oil revenues has increased, and the advance of state intervention in markets and control of public powers by the President of the Republic has intensified. Since 2005, in the midst of the longest oil revenue bonanza in the country’s economic history, the Chavista government has set itself the central objective of establishing a model known as 21st century socialism, based on controlling prices, the exchange rate, foreign trade and assuming social ownership of the means of production considered strategic. A central part of the Chavista model has been the occupation by the state, with the protagonist participation of the military, of the areas of government previously reserved for civilians. And above all, to the extent that popular support was lost, the use of the military institution to stay in power and violate the human rights established in the Constitution, which are of a universal nature1.

Venezuela today is experiencing a historic crisis, greater than the one that existed before Chavismo took political control of the nation. The Venezuelan economy is destroyed, the country is in debt and experiencing a complex humanitarian emergency, its citizens are impoverished and emigrating, human rights are being violated and its imperfect democracy has been replaced by an autocracy, now unknown for its illegitimacy of origin by more than fifty countries and various multilateral organisations.

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