VOL. 5, NO. 6, PGS. 26–41


The Modernization of the Andean Area
Complex Aspects in the Cultural and Ideological Sphere
H. C. F. Mansilla

H. C. F. Mansilla is a member of the Bolivian National Academy of Sciences and the Bolivian Academy of Language. He is the author of El desencanto con el desarrollo actual: las ilusiones and las trampas de la modernización.

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It is probable that the survival of certain cultural traditions, considered by the populations of the Andean area as positive and favorable to a strong collective identity, prevents the advent of a modern order in the political-institutional sphere, based on the rationality of human relations, the rule of law and democratic practices. And precisely this lack of a political-cultural modernity can be seen as the main component of a still very expanded mentality that makes it difficult to establish a rational, democratic and pluralistic culture, on the one hand, and the creation of a more or less broad social wealth, on the other.

During the last half century, the core Andean countries —Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia— has undergone remarkable modernization processes: a marked specialization of roles and functions, an intense differentiation of social fabrics and an unprecedented expansion of the middle strata. The most important thing, however, is the survival of pre-modern mentalities in the midst of the accelerated modernization process. The term pre-modern here refers to authoritarian, pre-rational, conventional-conservative and traditionalist attitudes, which persist in parallel with the adoption of modern Western norms in the economic sphere, public administration and academia.

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