del 15 de junio al 31 de octubre de 2021 (PRORROGA)
en el área Tecnológica (Agronomía, Veterinaria, Ingeniería)
VOL. 5, NO. 3, PGS. 26–33


Secularism in Europe
Consequence of Modernity?
Manuel Reus Canals SJ

Manuel Reus Canals SJ is professor of Theology at the University of Deusto. He is the author of Experiencia y gratuidad.

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The phenomenon of secularisation is one of the most studied, analysed and discussed in the academic field of religions. It is a phenomenon that emerged with the process of social change that the modern era brought with it. At first it was limited to a few elites and from the middle of the 20th century it has been generalised to the entire population in Western Europe. Undoubtedly, the modernising process caused an alteration in the reality of the religious experience of the general population.

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