VOL. 1, NO. 2, PGS. 1–1


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Since the current Venezuelan constitution was proclaimed in 1999, the Venezuelan education system has been undergoing profound changes. According to documents of the Process of Curricular Change in Secondary Education, all these transformations have been aimed at consolidating an education governed by Bolivarian and Rodriguesian principles. According to the 2009 Organic Law on Education, the general aims of education are: to develop the creative potential of each human being; to develop a new political culture; to train citizens; to foster respect for the dignity of persons; to promote the formation of an ecological conscience; to train in, by and for liberating social work; to promote Latin American and Caribbean integration; to develop the capacity for abstraction and critical thinking; and to develop an educational process that raises awareness in order to achieve supreme social happiness. In comparison, the 1980 Organic Law of Education established as a fundamental aim the full development of the personality and the achievement of a healthy, educated, critical man, fit to live together in a democratic, just and free society.

This issue brings together some of the papers on education and education in Venezuela that were published between 2013 and 2016 in the magazine’s predecessor internet forum. They address issues related to this process of change that were topical at the time, and still are.

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